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The History of Westview

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Westview Cemetery has been serving Atlanta and the region's surrounding community since 1884 with beauty, dignity and heritage.  Our community's rich tradition and history is beautifully preserved among acres of towering trees and winding roadways.  Families representing all religions, cultures, and walks of life have entrusted Westview Cemetery to preserve their unique family history in a tradition of compassion, integrity, and excellence.  As one of the largest nonprofit cemeteries in the United States, and the largest cemetery in the southeast with hundreds of undeveloped acres, Westview Cemetery will continue to provide future generations a place of beauty and respect to treasure the memories of those who have gone before.
Westview Cemetery is truly a historic place, for many of Atlanta's pioneers are interred here.  J. Douglas Edgar, who won the Canadian Open in 1919 by setting a world's competitive four round record of 278 and beating a youngster named Bobby Jones by 16 strokes, is interred in Westview.
Other well-known Southerners who now rest in Westview are: Asa G. Candler, founder of Coca-Cola; Hugh M. Dorsey, Governor or Georgia; Henrietta Egleston; Henry Grady; Joel Chandler Harris, noted newspaperman and author of the famous "Uncle Remus Stories"; William B. Hartsfield, Mayor of the City of Atlanta; Donald L. Hollowell; Vivian M. Jones; E. P. McBurney; Bishop Arthur Moore; G. V. Gress, who gave the famous painting of the Battle of Atlanta to the city now located in the Cyclorama in historic Grant Park; I. N. Ragsdale, Mayor of the City of Atlanta; Robert Shaw; Rankin Smith; Frank L. Stanton, poet leareate of Georgia; Robert Woodruff; and many more.

In 1943, Westview Cemetery began construction of a community Mausoleum, challenging the finest ever built by the masters of the past.  Hereto, one finds ancient splendor, sacred halls, and reverent purpose.  The mural of Faith, Hope and Charity occupies a prominent place in the Chapel.  In the Narthex, four of the Lord's parables are vividly portrayed on canvas.  There are 27 stained glass panels in this beautiful Chapel depicting the Life of Christ from the nativity through the crucifixion and the resurrection.  These unparalleled paintings attest to the dedicated hands and minds that have made Westview Mausoleum the South's most famous shrine.  Westview Mausoleum is the largest structure of its kind ever built under one roof.  It contains space for 11,444 entombments. In 2005 Westview constructed 360 niches, called The Garden Columbarium, outside the Mausoleum.

Westview Cemetery strives to provide its services within the reach of persons of every income.  Offering many types of burial options and styles of memorialization, Westview Cemetery is proud to serve our community with care, consideration, and convenience.   Currently, only about 50 percent of the total acreage has been developed into sections.  In these developed sections, there are thousands of choices available.  Westview will have available acreage for future development for many, many years. Westview Cemetery is a nonprofit corporation and is operated under a Board of Trustees.
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